our approach

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Our mission is to create harmonious relationships between you and your hair.

Intuitive Dry Cutting is a new approach to hair, exclusively at SaLune, that takes each individual's unique hair growth pattern into account. It is appropriate for any hair type, and any hair cut.

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Hair needs love to flourish.

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People have grown tired of looks that are
too coiffed, too perfect, too styled.

Gone are the days when people had the time to spend making their hair just so, and when the hair salon was a weekly social visit. When heat styling was new and exciting, and manipulating nature to fit our needs had not yet become obviously unsustainable.


We want effortless.
Natural beauty.
I-woke-up-like-this hair.

We believe that with a good haircut,
the right type of all-natural product,
and some faith in your hair, 
you can achieve better hair with less maintenance.


At Salune we are
guided by your hair's
intrinsic tendencies.

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We keep in mind what it ‘wants’ to do, and the results speak for themselves.

We blend style with manageability for hair that suits your whole being. Each of us is an artist who creates a customized shape and/or shade for every head.


We take pride in treating
each head like
the work of art
that it is.

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Have you ever noticed that nature is perfect in its imperfection?

How absolutely straight lines do not actually exist in nature? These principles lie at the foundation of our philosophy, understanding that your body, including your hair, is a product of the Earth, perfect as it is with all of its idiosyncrasies unique to you. 


Here, we cut the hair before we wash it, so that we can see all of your lovely kinks, curls, and cowlicks.

We work with them, instead of against them. This way, you can rest assured that your hair will lay just right without any fuss. 

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